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Blog Challenge- 17 Inspirational Pins that Teach Character & Courage

Here are 17 inspirational pins I found on Pinterest which teach character that I would like to share with you. These sayings could be used as inspirational and motivational teaching moments for students.  Read them and brainstorm ways you could use these sayings to teach character and courage.  Students need to be taught how to … Continue reading

Pumpkin Puffy Painting: Cross-Content Area Lesson (Science, L.A. & More)

I use Pinterest to find teaching ideas and crafts for children.  I have a toddler, so I quite often scan Pinterest looking for activities and crafts that I can do with him.  This morning I began scanned my Pinterest pins to find an activity that I could adapt into a pumpkin activity for my toddler. … Continue reading

Use Pinterest to Find Public Domain Images to Rock Your Glogs

Originally posted on Glogster Blog:
Finding websites that have public domain images to use in your Glogs can be a time-consuming task. Searching for hours on Google or other search engines for websites that have images that are public domain and royalty free can be daunting. I have found that a quicker way to find…

Are you addicted to Pinterest?- A teacher’s dream!

Are you addicted to Pinterest?  Many of us love Pinterest and it’s becoming one of the fastest growing social networks.  It is appealing to many of us through its simplicity, ability to create various boards to organize content, and its crisp visuals that draw you in.  People get drawn in and addicted for hours to … Continue reading

How Do I Attach My Pinterest to My Blog?

I am writing this post out of feedback from search results to my blog.  I still intend to write a follow-up to my last Pinterest post, after I have used it a little longer.  I however want to write this post on how to attach your Pinterest profile to your blog.  Yes, you can attach … Continue reading

Pinterest- My New Love for Visual Bookmarking Education and Teaching Web Content

Have you ever heard of Pinterest?  The first time I have ever heard of it was last night, or maybe I have seen it mentioned but never really paid attention.  Time magazine named it one of “The 50 Best Websites of 2011.”  Apparently, woman love the website.  Men use it but it is less known … Continue reading

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