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Two Step Authentication: Warning with Problems Logging in

Warning!  With Two Step Authentication…you can lose serious access to your accounts for large extended times with no way in!

Update since first drafted: So, yesterday I said I was only posting new content to my new self-hosted .org site.  Well, this is a post here on I have been working on for a little while, after this long ordeal happened to me.  I am really am passionate about sharing this post first on because it will inform and help you, the users.  The WordPress platform I discuss in my presentation story is  I had issues logging into for days.  I’m sharing my story in a comical presentation form because it helps bring humorous relief to my stress and frustration.  I’m posting here and warning you as a user of to listen and to take action!

Beware, Two Step Authentication is good but you could lose serious long access to your account if not very mindful and careful.  I just finally got access to my account after days of trying to no avail.  I even Googled articles for insight and help but found nothing useful.  Almost every post I encountered, gave Two Step Authentication praise.  Don’t get me wrong, it is a great extra measure to add security to accounts.  But, PLEASE BEWARE and know the dangers too! I’m here writing tonight, not with initial intention, but feel now propelled after my huge ordeal to warn you.

Most of us have heard the rave reviews of Two Step Authentication and how it should protect our accounts.  So, we all sign up to use it because we are urged we must.  Most of us probably have not stopped to think about the pitfalls and problems that Two Step Authentication can cause.  I’m addressing my problems with WordPress here.  But, the same problems can be found with Google, Dropbox, Facebook, Evernote, Microsoft, and all other services that offer a Two Step Authentication/Verification security measure.  The access problems and scenarios can be the same, however the solutions will be a little different depending on the service.

Please read the PowerPoint story about the warning and solutions. This is to inform you and warn you of the problems that can occur.  Please prepare yourself! 


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