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Are you addicted to Pinterest?- A teacher’s dream!

Pinterest!Are you addicted to Pinterest?  Many of us love Pinterest and it’s becoming one of the fastest growing social networks.  It is appealing to many of us through its simplicity, ability to create various boards to organize content, and its crisp visuals that draw you in.  People get drawn in and addicted for hours to using Pinterest.  This social networking site is also a dream for teachers.  The internet provides so much content that is valuable for a teacher’s profession: lesson ideas, pictures, visuals, books, charts, graphs, multimedia, ideas and so forth.  Teachers have to organize this enormous amount of content in some way.  Ultimately, they  usually have to painfully bookmark these web links, which does not offer visuals or great organization.  When this happens, teachers sometimes forget about great websites or content they have found and want to use in their teaching practices.  The forgotten content erodes into a loss of ideas and inspirations.

Recently, I received a message from Tim Handorf, a staff member of who published a blog post called, “37 Ways Teachers Should Use Pinterest.”  He asked that I share this blog post with my blog readers, since the content is similar to two earlier blog posts I have written about Pinterest, “Pinterest- My New Love for Visual Bookmarking Education and Teaching Web Content,” and “How Do I Attach My Pinterest to My Blog?” Check out his blog post.  His post has links to many resources and information that is beneficial when using Pinterest as a teacher.  You will want to read his blog post and check out the links!   Be inspired with dreams and big ideas!  Enjoy Pinning!  Above all, enjoy inspiring!


About adaptivelearnin

I am an educational professional who is passionate about needs analysis and materials creation to enhance student learning of all ages. I hope the content I share here will be of value to you in some way. Opinions are my own and are not those of my employer. Join me at my session for the 2013 TESOL International Conference, "ESL Instruction: Developing Your Skills to Become a Master Conductor", March 21 10:00 AM in room C144. My presentation focuses on listening, speaking and pronunciation music teaching techniques incorporated with ESL teaching. This is not your typical music/ESL presentation with chants and songs. Be prepared to use your vocal chords, diaphragm, lungs, mouth muscles, and arms like you have never used before in pronunciation, speaking and language instruction. Learn how to use music conducting skills in the language classroom to better facilitate language acquisition. Learn how to use music performance skills (vocal and instrumental) to better facilitate language learning. Be prepared to laugh and have fun. I look forward to meeting you and working with you.


15 thoughts on “Are you addicted to Pinterest?- A teacher’s dream!

  1. Yes! I AM addicted! 🙂

    Posted by Miss Amaryah | July 15, 2012, 1:37 am
  2. I fell in love with Pinterest as well! I agree, there are a huge number of educator boards that people can delve into. “Hmmm…How Pinteresting!”
    Have you heard about Pinerly? It’s a dashboard for Pinterest!
    Here’s a few of my teacher boards!

    Posted by Oldschoolteach | March 25, 2012, 5:19 pm
  3. Great stuff, I am going to forward to my daughters friend who is a teacher.. Thanks for some great info

    Posted by Gettysburg Gerry | February 9, 2012, 7:43 am


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