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As I indicated in a previous post, I have started  I have huge plans for this website, but it will take time to build.  This blog for now will remain active.  Currently, I am starting to post some on the new website. Today I posted about ESL through Information & Communication Technologies … Continue reading

My TESOL 2013 Presentation Materials- ESL Instruction: Developing Your Skills as a Master Conductor

Many of you know that I was going to be presenting at the TESOL 2013 Convention in Dallas, TX on using conducting, vocal, and instrumental music techniques for teaching language acquisition.  I have now officially started  I have uploaded my presentation PowerPoint and handouts there.  Access the link to view my presentation materials.  I … Continue reading

Social Media…bad for educators?! Not!…and Why?

Via Social Media in Education by James Hicks, The Tech Scoop Frown…social media for educators is bad!  Have you heard this time and time again? Roll of the eyes…social media has no place in education!  Have you heard this time and time again? Annoyed look…social media is a waste of time and it will take … Continue reading

Web 2.0 Interactive Posters for Lessons- Glogster EDU For Teachers

Screenshot of Glog titled “Rethinking Posters: The World of Glogster EDU” created by username jhoertel Several months ago I wrote a post about Glogster titled Glogster…so Cool! Create Glogs for your Classroom (Interactive Lessons).  If you haven’t read it, please do.  Today’s post is the long-awaited follow-up.  I know many of you have waited for this. … Continue reading

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