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My name is Beth Crumpler.  I am an educational professional that is passionate about creating and learning about new platforms in developing adaptive materials for learning.  I am an experienced teacher in the fields of ESL/TESOL and music education.  Although I have been successful in implementing instruction in both educational fields, my strongest asset is in using needs analysis and thinking creatively to develop adaptive educational materials to meet the diverse learning needs of my students.  I have taught students ages 5 to adults and have taught students of many linguistic, cultural, and socio-economic backgrounds. This blog is an educational professional’s community where we can inspire and learn from each other.

Opinions are my own and are not those of my employer.

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Blog Contributor:  Zach Buckley                 

Zach Buckley is a freelance writer based in the Midwest.  Having graduated from high school in the year 2000, he belongs to the millennial generation.  Zach holds a bachelor’s degree in history and political science and a master’s degree in communication.  He enjoys exploring developing trends in education, technology and culture.  When he isn’t reading or writing blogs, he enjoys sampling good music and good food.

You can get a hold of him at zachbuckley2@gmail.com

Blog Contributor: Lindsey Harper Mac  33if9d79wwzemnae2171

Lindsey is a professional writer living in the Indianapolis area. She specializes in writing guest posts on social media and education. Currently, Lindsey is completing work on her master’s degree.

You can get a hold of her on Twitter at @Harpermac11

Blog Contributor: Katherine Hacket

Katherine works for i-to-i TEFL who have trained 120,000 teachers to teach abroad. i-to-i also have a jobs board with 350 live TEFL jobs all over the world.

Owen Richards – Education writer and international Face Picrecruitment researcher

TIC LogoI am an education writer and researcher that works in the international sector. I work with recruitment company Teachers International Consultancy , who specialise in advice and placement for teachers in international schools. My main focus is interviewing teachers and employers in international schools across the World, to spread awareness on the opportunities available in teaching overseas. I also do work for Great Learning (International Primary Curriculum and the International Middle Years Curriculum) and ISC Research (the leading international school research body).

Blog Contributor: Katherine Hacket  601327_10151472840933755_764013498_n_2

Ann Davis is a former New Orleans public school teacher and currently works for Haystack EDU, a website that connects teachers to jobs and other opportunities.


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