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Coming to the U.S. as an International Student: A Comprehensive Guide

Preparing to move to the U.S. for college is a daunting task. You have to obtain the right documentation, figure out how to pay for school and move away from your family and friends to a foreign country. But don’t feel intimidated – many international students before you have gone through the same thing and … Continue reading

Study Abroad Destinations You Haven’t Thought Of Yet: 4 African Countries That Will Enrich Your Education

Africa might not have been the first continent to come to mind when mapping out your study abroad destination, but this often overlooked region offers more enriching opportunities and inspiring experiences than you might think. Each country in Africa has its own unique culture and education system that can give students a well-rounded understanding of … Continue reading

5 ways to get the most out of your college experience

Many adults point to college as one of the most exciting and memorable times of their lives. That can saddle future college students with a sense of pressure to capture a college experience that lives up to everyone’s expectations. In practice, figuring out how to go about wrangling that timeless experience isn’t as easy as … Continue reading

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