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Learning the Alphabet: Magnetic Letters and Magna Doodle Style

Did you know that you can use magnetic letters to draw on a Magna Doodle?  Yes that’s right, you can!  As a teacher I’ve seen and used Magna Doodles for handwriting with the pen.  I’ve seen and used magnetic letters and dry erase pens used on whiteboards.  I’ve also seen and used Smartphones and touchscreen … Continue reading

Call for Organizers: EdcampVA95 Unconference in VA

  EdcampVA95 is looking for volunteer organizers.  Organizers can be any educator from any grade level and background who would like to help with organizing and planning this unconference.  Please check out the EdcampVA95 Wiki for details on how you can help or participate.  You can sign up to help on this Signup sheet on … Continue reading

The Honest Truth About Spell Check…Sincerely, Teacher

Dear Students: Spell check is notorious for being viewed as dumbing down your spelling abilities.  Throughout my years in the teaching profession I have heard rants from many teachers about the evils of spell check and how it makes students lazy and unable to learn how to spell correctly.  The naysayers who view this way … Continue reading

Unilateral Voyage in Mission: “Possibility”

I wrote this several years ago for a school I worked at, as a thank you and goodbye.  And to say, “even though I’m leaving we are still in this vision together to reach and help students succeed.  We are in this journey together to support students in reaching their goals no matter the obstacles … Continue reading

The School Year is Over—Now Have a Productive Summer!

For some students, the arrival of summer means the opportunity to lounge around and do — well — pretty much nothing. While it can be tempting to allow the dog days of summer to flow by in a blur of inactivity and laziness, doing so often isn’t the best idea. If you give in to … Continue reading

Ways to use Mobile Devices in the Language Classroom

While searching for learning content on YouTube, I found this video.  It shows 10 ways to use mobile phones and devices for language learning. Although this video addresses language learning, the ideas presented here can be used in many content areas. I found this video extremely insightful. I plan to try out some of the … Continue reading

5 Things WordPress Proofreader has Taught me About my Writing

Whenever I type blog posts on WordPress, and click on the proofreader to edit my writing, I have seen a pattern consistently in what it tells me that I need to edit in my writing.  The proofreader has taught me the 5 things I consistently do when I write and has taught me how I … Continue reading

A New Era in Research: Embracing Wikipedia…RIP Encyclopedia Britannica Print Edition

Infographics- we all love them!  Drool…infographic of “Wikipedia, Redefining Research”.  I’m a research nerd. Ask my husband! Being that I’m a research nerd and that infographics provide visual representations of research, Jenica from Open Site garnered my attention yesterday when she sent me this infographic to see if I would share it with my readers. … Continue reading

Twitter #hashtag Education Chats: Social History Infographics

Compilation of Twitter #hashtag Education Chats- A One Month Social History from Feb. 22 to March 22, 2012. How does your favorite education chat compare? Who are the most influential Tweeters for your favorite education chat? *Please note that due to the enormous volume of education Twitter chats, I could not include all of them here.  I … Continue reading

To Twitterize or not to Twitterize…that is the question?

Twitter is a cultural phenomenon encompassing both personal and professional purposes.  I use Twitter professionally.  I just started using Twitter about 7 months ago.  I rebelled against using it for a few years.  I finally reluctantly joined after being persuaded by my husband that there were great benefits.  He said there were so many networking and … Continue reading

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