Guest Blogging

Would you like to become a guest blogger and contributor on adaptivelearnin?

Do you have something insightful to share regarding education, materials design, adaptive learning, lesson plans, technology and so on that is related to the vision of adaptivelearnin?

If you fit the vision of adaptivelearnin, then you are fit to blog for us.  


There is no limit on the content area of bloggers and contributors to adaptivelearnin.  Although I am an ESL and music educator, my vision with creating adaptivelearnin has not been to confine the blog to these specifics.  I am looking for educators from all content areas, grade levels (pre-K to higher ed), experiences (public, private, charter, and online), all levels of work (teaching, administration, resource, and so forth), and experience with many technological platforms, and expertise.  If you are not an educator per say in your work; however, you have something valuable to share that is related to education and the vision of adaptivelearnin, then I will accept guest contributions from you as well.

If you fit the above vision and criteria, I’d love to add you to our growing team of guest bloggers and contributors.  To be considered for guest blogging and contributing to adaptivelearnin, please contact me via the link below.

In your contact, please include:

  • Name
  • Your contact information: email, Twitter, LinkedIn, ect.
  • Work expertise (Content area, grade level, etc.)
  • Work title
  • Experiences that make you valuable to adaptivelearnin
  • General ideas of blog posts that you have in mind that fit the vision of adaptivelearnin.
Once you contact me, I will get back to you as soon as I can so that you may precede with blogging.

Are you interested in blogging on adaptivelearnin?

Contact Beth Crumpler




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