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Learning the Alphabet: Magnetic Letters and Magna Doodle Style

Did you know that you can use magnetic letters to draw on a Magna Doodle?  Yes that’s right, you can!  As a teacher I’ve seen and used Magna Doodles for handwriting with the pen.  I’ve seen and used magnetic letters and dry erase pens used on whiteboards.  I’ve also seen and used Smartphones and touchscreen … Continue reading

Two Yummy Pumpkin Delights

For Halloween or Fall fun, create a pumpkin delightful meal or snack for kids. Have them help make these orange delights.  They will enjoy them!  Here are two pumpkin delightful activities you can do: *Here are the ingredients you will need for both activities.  1-  Pumpkin Quesadillas (View the pictures for step by step instructions) … Continue reading

Transparency in Education

shadow puppetsBy Hedgehog83 (Own work) [CC-BY-3.0 or CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons Transparency in education is vital.  With integration of new technologies in the classroom: SmartBoards, iPads, mobile devices and so forth, the old transparencies and overhead projectors are becoming obsolete.  While embracing new technologies and innovation of new learning platforms, extinction of these adaptive learning … Continue reading

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