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Two Step Authentication: Warning with Problems Logging in

Warning!  With Two Step Authentication…you can lose serious access to your accounts for large extended times with no way in! Update since first drafted: So, yesterday I said I was only posting new content to my new self-hosted .org site.  Well, this is a post here on WordPress.com I have been working on for a … Continue reading

Adaptivelearnin.com- ESL through Information & Communication Technologies

As I indicated in a previous post, I have started adaptivelearnin.com.  I have huge plans for this website, but it will take time to build.  This WordPress.com blog for now will remain active.  Currently, I am starting to post some on the new adaptivelearnin.com website. Today I posted about ESL through Information & Communication Technologies … Continue reading

5 Things WordPress Proofreader has Taught me About my Writing

Whenever I type blog posts on WordPress, and click on the proofreader to edit my writing, I have seen a pattern consistently in what it tells me that I need to edit in my writing.  The proofreader has taught me the 5 things I consistently do when I write and has taught me how I … Continue reading

Blogging From the Kindle Fire Using the New WordPress Application

Update:  After writing this post on my Kindle Fire, I did have to go to WordPress.com on my laptop to recheck grammar and spelling.  I also used my laptop to upload pictures of the WordPress Application on my Kindle Fire.  All other content from this post I drafted on my Kindle Fire. WordPress’ Kindle Fire … Continue reading

How Do I Attach My Pinterest to My Blog?

I am writing this post out of feedback from search results to my blog.  I still intend to write a follow-up to my last Pinterest post, after I have used it a little longer.  I however want to write this post on how to attach your Pinterest profile to your blog.  Yes, you can attach … Continue reading

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