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Confronting Fear: “I’m scared to death” to “The best thing I’ve ever done”

Sometimes when you confront your fears and do something that makes you tell yourself, “Why the heck am I doing this…I’m scared to death,” ends up being the best thing you ever did. -A recent post I wrote to friends and family on a private social media network.   This message is something that resounds … Continue reading

To Twitterize or not to Twitterize…that is the question?

Twitter is a cultural phenomenon encompassing both personal and professional purposes.  I use Twitter professionally.  I just started using Twitter about 7 months ago.  I rebelled against using it for a few years.  I finally reluctantly joined after being persuaded by my husband that there were great benefits.  He said there were so many networking and … Continue reading

Social Media…bad for educators?! Not!…and Why?

Via Social Media in Education by James Hicks, The Tech Scoop Frown…social media for educators is bad!  Have you heard this time and time again? Roll of the eyes…social media has no place in education!  Have you heard this time and time again? Annoyed look…social media is a waste of time and it will take … Continue reading

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