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Social Media…bad for educators?! Not!…and Why?

Via Social Media in Education by James Hicks, The Tech Scoop

Frown…social media for educators is bad! 

Have you heard this time and time again?

Roll of the eyes…social media has no place in education! 

Have you heard this time and time again?

Annoyed look…social media is a waste of time and it will take up too much of my time! 

Have you heard this time and time again?

Disgusted look…I don’t understand how to use social media and can’t spend the time trying to learn. 

Have you heard this time and time again?

I have!

Via Online Universities  Blog

Via Socrato.com blog

Some educators, including myself, are trying to spread the word, teach and tell others on how positive and great social media is for educators and in the education setting.  I am one of the many avid educators who are trying to change the negative stigma social media has had in the education setting. 

Derek L. McCoy, part of my PLN on Twitter has caught my attention today with a Tweet I received from him.  He referenced one of my blog posts for his presentation, “Why Teachers Should Join Twitter…What I Have Learned as a Twitter Newbie.”  Here is the accompanying Glogster EDU presentation I created to go along with my blog post on “Why Teachers Should Join Twitter.”   It was not his reference of my blog post that struck my attention, but was his presentation material.  His presentation material is fabulous and shares the same vision and passion I have had for using social media for professional purposes.  I have written another blog post about this vision entitled, “Social Media the New Professional Development.”  Too often people don’t allow for social media for professional purposes in the education setting due to the bad stigma it has had. Derek, along with many other educators who see and understand the power and educational purpose social media has in the education field, is trying to change this old perception.  He has created a NCASCD Innovation Workpage – 2012 on his website with the material he used for his presentation.

Here is the first SlideShare from his presentation:

In the first SlideShare presentation he lists several social media websites and applications that are great tools for educators:






I love these tools. As a social media enthusiast for education purposes; please, please check out these tools if you don’t know about them. They will change your life!

Here is the second SlideShare from his presentation:

Derek McCoy’s presentation material also shows a timeline development of social media through an engaging Prezi entitled, “Social Media Impact 2012“.  You’ll love this!  The timeline is informative.  He also raises good questions about social media.

I hope you enjoy his content as much as I have!  Thanks Derek McCoy for being an awesome PLN contributor and teacher!


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6 thoughts on “Social Media…bad for educators?! Not!…and Why?

  1. Beth, great post! Thanks for featuring the resources from my presentation! It was a great experience and I met some great people. Its important we keep our need to connect and grow in the forefront! The more we share and help the more kids we help! Thanks again!

    Posted by Derek L. mcCoy | February 12, 2012, 4:30 am


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