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My Nominations for the 2012 Edublog Awards

It’s the time of year for the Edublog Awards.  I remember this event like a whirlwind last year.  I was new to blogging, new to Twitter, and new to using social media as a professional.  I remember seeing massive volumes of Tweets generating in my Twitter stream about the Edublog Award Nominations.  I remember reading how bloggers could blog about their nominations and then send the link to Edublogs for voting.  Since blogging was new to me at the time, I felt it was not my place to do a nomination.  Besides, I was still learning what the entire Edublog Awards were and what they were for.

It’s a year later.  Now, that I have been on social media for professional purposes and blogging for a little over a year, I feel I have the experience and insight to do Edublog Nominations.  Here are my favorites that deserve the award.

  • Individual Blog: Rapid E-Learning–  I study and learn so much from Tom’s blog.  There is always something new to learn on his blog.  It’s crazy awesome!
  • Group Blog: TeacherCast– This has been one of my favorite go-to blogs for all sorts of information as a teacher…especially Apps!
  • EdTech BlogFree Technology For Teachers–  This has been my go-to place for all things related to technology in the classroom.
  • Teacher Blog: Cool Cat Teacher–  I’m going to say it, we all know Cool Cat Teacher is the best teacher blog and resource.  Educators love it.  It’s a fav!
  • Influential Post:  Confessions of a ‘Bad Teacher’–  This post is a must read.  It was insanely popular and will hit you to your core.  It speaks truth.
  • Individual Tweeter: Angela Maiers– These words sum up her influence and awesomeness…”You Matter!”
  • Twitter Hashtag: #ELLchat – I am an ESL teacher so I am baised to ESL hashtags.  I have networked with, chatted and tossed up ideas with some fabulous people from #ELLchat.
  • Free Web Tool:  Glogster EDU– Glogster is my favorite web 2.0 tool.  Although they have paid services, they also still have a fantastic free service.  Glogs rock!
  • Video/Podcasts: Ted Talks– We all know they are awesome!  That’s all I need to say.
  • Educational Wiki:  Web 2.0 Guru–  This wiki has a massive list of 2.0 resources to use in education.  Many of the resources I find and use are from this wiki.  It is one of the best!
  • Social Network: Twitter–  Twitter has been the best professional development tool for me ever hands down!  I will reiterate this and preach it over and over because it’s that awesome for PD.
  • Mobile App:  Edmodo–  I teach higher education students and do not have access to Moodle or Blackboard, so yes I do use Edmodo with my higher ed students.  And guess what…they love it!!!!   The Edmodo App has been a lifesaver in answering student questions before exams, communicating assignments, having students turn in assignments digitally and the list of wows  goes on and on!

I am not nominating in all areas because I don’t feel my nomination in the areas I have not listed would be appropriate since I don’t have as much experience with blogs and web 2.0 in those areas.  

Check out the websites to my nominations at the links provided.  You’ll love them!


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I am an educational professional who is passionate about needs analysis and materials creation to enhance student learning of all ages. I hope the content I share here will be of value to you in some way. Opinions are my own and are not those of my employer. Join me at my session for the 2013 TESOL International Conference, "ESL Instruction: Developing Your Skills to Become a Master Conductor", March 21 10:00 AM in room C144. My presentation focuses on listening, speaking and pronunciation music teaching techniques incorporated with ESL teaching. This is not your typical music/ESL presentation with chants and songs. Be prepared to use your vocal chords, diaphragm, lungs, mouth muscles, and arms like you have never used before in pronunciation, speaking and language instruction. Learn how to use music conducting skills in the language classroom to better facilitate language acquisition. Learn how to use music performance skills (vocal and instrumental) to better facilitate language learning. Be prepared to laugh and have fun. I look forward to meeting you and working with you.



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