Innovation in Education…Blended Learning: Meet Knewton

Thinking through innovation and creativity to reach the learning needs of all students is my passion. Success can only be fostered through learning, developing and trying new approaches to education. Methodologies and platforms of instruction should be interactive and learner-focused incorporating all learning modalities. Learning modules should have kinesthetic, visual, and auditory components. Students will learn and succeed through adaptive learning measures.

I have a background as a teacher of music and English as a Second Language. In both content areas I am trained to use needs analysis to identify the strengths, learning potential and areas where students need improvement. Focus of curriculum design and instructional delivery in both areas must incorporate all learning modalities. When students learn music they use auditory skills for listening, visual skills for reading music, and kinesthetic application for manipulating an instrument to play and perform. Learning modalities are also applied by students in English as a Second Language through listening, speaking, reading and writing activities. Although physical tactile objects are also extremely useful to meeting the learning needs of students, educating through technology platforms enhances learning outcomes. I have taught every type of student you can probably think of: gifted, disadvantaged, privileged, migrant, students with special needs, and so forth. Due to the challenges of educating students from all over the learning spectrum, I have become an avid researcher and learner to finding new approaches in meeting the needs of my students.

Today as I was reading some of the Tweets and articles from my Twitter account, my attention deviated to Knewton, an adaptive learning engine. They intrigued me with the words “adaptive learning”. I began to scroll through their website, watching video, and reading content about their company and products. Then I stumbled upon this “blended learning infographic”. I read through it and thought I should share it here on my blog.

Blended learning is highly emphasized in education and in schools today. This infographic paints a good picture of what blended learning is and examples of its use in schools. Thank you Knewton for allowing us to think and redefine learning through adaptive means.

Blended Learning

Knewton Blended Learning


About adaptivelearnin

I am an educational professional who is passionate about needs analysis and materials creation to enhance student learning of all ages. I hope the content I share here will be of value to you in some way. Opinions are my own and are not those of my employer. Join me at my session for the 2013 TESOL International Conference, "ESL Instruction: Developing Your Skills to Become a Master Conductor", March 21 10:00 AM in room C144. My presentation focuses on listening, speaking and pronunciation music teaching techniques incorporated with ESL teaching. This is not your typical music/ESL presentation with chants and songs. Be prepared to use your vocal chords, diaphragm, lungs, mouth muscles, and arms like you have never used before in pronunciation, speaking and language instruction. Learn how to use music conducting skills in the language classroom to better facilitate language acquisition. Learn how to use music performance skills (vocal and instrumental) to better facilitate language learning. Be prepared to laugh and have fun. I look forward to meeting you and working with you.



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